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It is true that a being, independent of the body, lives through a body. At the moment of death, when life departs from the body, there is no change in the apparent physiology of the body. Nevertheless, the dead body immediately starts to decay and to putrefy emitting foul smell

Thoughts have got immense power. However for most of us thoughts are only figments of one’s imagination. Generally people consider thoughts as spare time entertainment, but the only reason for this is that they have never paid attention to the power of thoughts.
In fact, this entire world is a creation of thoughts. Gross material objects of physical world are nothing but the creation of subtle power of thoughts. The scriptures describe this entire Universe as the Creator’s urge to manifest as many. “ Ekoh~m bahusyami”. Even if we don’t go that far, we can see the power of thoughts manifested all around us in the form of this evolved material world. All the material developments, arts, equipments, technological innovations, life-transforming literature are the result of the thoughts originated in the minds of their creators. First the possibility of such a creation arises in their thoughts, then contemplation and investigation on the same thought ultimately manifest as the creation.

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